Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ini Sangat Awesome-kah? : The Amazing Spiderman (Again?)

What the...? Spiderman reboot? I guess they made too much money on this franchise that they can stop doing it and keep doing it. Well, what do you expect? They made $800 million on single Spiderman movies. Can't beat that. So, it's all about money now. Sigh ~

+ And I don't bother telling you who's the actor and director too. Weks ~

Some snapshot from the leaked trailer. (Youtube already removed it).

I can smell the money from your costume hunn ~
I saw money right there, where is it?
Do you have money for lunch?
Hell yeah!!

This scene - we all know what gonna happen next. Bored ~

What the duck is that?
No money here..... =(
Must, get that money ~
I saw moneyyyyyy!!!

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