Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ini Sangat WTF : Mesej Minda Bawah Sedar (Subliminal)

If you saw the word 'SEX', then it's no longer a subliminal message. It's a fail troll.

Ini Sangat Cool : "We All Are Steve" Dedikasi Untuk Mr. Jobs

Owh, Steve Jobs is no longer an Apple's CEO. But his idea, spirit and motivation continue to inspired us.

Wait! What are you talking about. It's not like he's dead?!

Well, here's a video by Youtuber 'pantlessknights', tribute to 'The World's Best CEO". Check it out... <3

P/S - Problem Android?

Ini Sangat LOL : Google Di Zaman 40-an

30 hari untuk hasil carian. Not so bad, really.


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