Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ini Sangat Fakta : Kos Projek-Projek Mega USA

Wallaweh ~ Check out how USA spend their people's tax money. FFFFFUUUUUUU...

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Ini Sangat Benar : Pengecilan Wilayah Palestine Sejak Tahun 1947

Oh, lihat wilayah Palestin semakin mengecil akibat di asak oleh rejim Zionis sejak tahun 1947. (Yang kuning tu kawasan Palestin, yang putih tu Israel. Nampak tak...?)

"How many thousands Palestinians have been killed in their own land? How many Palestinians have been chased out from their homes? How long they have been suffering? For sure more than 10 years, longer than the 9/11 incident.... Any memorial for them? Why can't there be any moment of remembrance for them also? What have been done so far to solve their issues? Clearly, a well covered double standards of Americans and their allies and huge, unfair propaganda towards others! The world including the United Nations have been cheated by their well choreographed and nicely orchestrated drama.....

Click here for an example of their excellent masterpiece..... CNN: Look back at how September 11 unfolded.      

It is wrong to kill innocent people regardless where they are: America, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.... But is it sad that the unfair killings of innocent people in other parts of world are being ignored and their rights to enjoy life are being neglected simply because they are not Americans or their allies.  

Don't be cheated......"

Quote from Hirman Ismail


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